CsquaRE: The Circular Revolution


At CsquaRE we strongly believe both our economic system and the way all of us do things today need a radical change in order to keep up with an increasingly crowded planet while creating sustaniable and balanced economic value.

The Circular Economy has interesting concepts and  tangible advantages which can help us to find solutions to many of todays’ problems. It will neither be renewable energy sources alone to clean up the planet, nor the sharing economy to solve the economic uncertainty we are facing. A complete circular approach is needed and all of us as users and consumers, shall be at the forefront of this revolution.

In order to make this change possible it is paramount to spread the voice, to engage people showing facts and potential solutions, generating radical collaboration to foster the transition to a Circular Economic Model.
This transition needs to be led by curiosity, awareness, re-framing and bias to action; that’s why we call it the Circular Revolution and that’s our mission!

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CsquaRE’s current main focus is to generate awareness about the Circular Economy. Sharing facts and success stories from around the world, fostering the Circular Revolution.

Mayor's Table imparare l'ecosostenbilità giocando e amministrando la tua città.

Mayor’s Table il learning game ecosostenibile: impara, giocando

Se fossi sindaco della tua città, riusciresti a renderla circolare? Imparare l’ecosostenibilità giocando! Un’iniziativa di learning game diffusa da Aeci Lazio, Adiconsum e nell’ambito del progetto “Generazioni in circolo”.

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Upcycling o riuso creativo: il nuovo modo di investire

Upcycling o riuso creativo, la moda punta a questa nuova soluzione per investire e risparmiare. Unicità e zero sprechi sono i punti chiave di questo processo che ci auguriamo non essere solo tendenza ma una vera rivoluzione culturale per un mondo sostenibile.

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Bioplastica: amico o nemico dell’ambiente?

Il termine plastica, dal greco “arte che riguarda il modellare”, indica appunto un materiale che possa essere modellato. Viste le sue caratteristiche chimico-fisiche, la plastica è tanto versatile e resistente,[…]

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Our Team

CsquaRE was born from the need to do something to tackle the issues environment, people and businesses around the world are facing. Threats will grow in number and impact and we think it is time to act! 
Mixing our backrounds in business and technology with a full cup of willingness to change  we believe it will be possible to light the spark for a Circular Revolution.

Luigi Capobianco


Simone Romano


Laura Capobianco

Industrial and Environmental Biotechnologist

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